(GOLD) Power

Edit: Different amounts of (GOLD) powers have been released at different intervals, all at 50000 xats.

A few (GOLD) powers have been released for 50,000 xats each, but it has not been released to the public yet.

Here’s what it looks like:

If you use the power, here’s what you look like on the Users list:

(GOLD) will be an epic power, but the price has not been confirmed yet.

Are you excited for this new power? (GOLD) is power 153, which means there’s an unknown power (152) also coming, so stay tuned!

Beware of Scammers!

Scamming has become frequent these days, and is popular with the no-conscience jerks who resort to scamming other than fairly gaining xats.

A frequent tactic I’ve seen is the “change the 9 to a 6” technique, where the scammer changes his price from (for example) 9000 to 6000, without the victim noticing, resulting in a scam of 3000 xats. This catches most people off guard, due to the fact that xat does not indicate that the number has changed (no scale appearing, no red box appearing around the amount of xats, etc.).

Whenever you are selling a power 9000-9999 xats, please proceed with caution.

Remember, never give your password out to anybody else, no matter what they say. Do not use the Transfer tool while trading, because you could easily be scammed that way. All in all, keep your head on your shoulders, and be aware.

Manga power released!

Edit: 2000 manga powers were released at 11:00 am PST, for 260 xats. It quickly sold, and was sold out by 11:15 am PST.

Buy MANGA on xat.com/Trade for around 400-450!

4000 (manga) powers were released at 300 xats on Sunday, November 6th. A little later, 4000 more powers were released at 260 xats.

Here are the smileys:

(manga) (manga1) (manga2) (manga3) (manga4) (manga5) (manga6) (manga7) (manga8) (manga9) (manga10) (manga11) (manga12) (manga13) (manga14) (manga15) (manga16) (manga17)

(Horror) power is now limited!

As of November 1st, the (horror) power is now limited in stores. Trade chat is going crazy with lots of people wanting to buy the power, so if you’re willing to sell for a good amount of xats, then head to trade chat!

Here’s a little info on the (horror) power:

  • The horror power provides you with the opportunity to add flix (aka. animated backgrounds) to your chatbox.
  • The smileys are: (horror) (franken) (goblin) (knife) (pkncut) (spider) (triclops) (vamp) (warewolf) (mist)
  • Price on trade (as of Nov. 1) is around 1k, maybe more, maybe less.


1500 Six Powers Released


Edit: All 1500 (six) powers have been sold, dropping to a minimum price of 5800 xats.

Today is Halloween, and Xat has released 1500 (six) powers. The starting price is 10,000 xats, but the price will drop to a secret price, then be withdrawn from the store.

Will you be buying the power or not?

Wildwest Power Coming Soon!

Well folks, the (wildwest) power will be released in stores very soon! Wildwest contains 11 smileys and two kisses — more information to be added soon!

Stay tuned to see when it’s released in stores!


Well, welcome to Xat Mania. We’re still under construction, but we’ll be opening very soon.

Our chat is http://xat.com/TicTacMania. You can put [χαт.мαηια] at the end/beginning of your name if you want on Xat =P